Xiaomi Piston 2 Review: Winners of the iF Design Award 2014

8.2 Total Score

The Xiaomi Piston 2 are great designed earphones that are able to provide a accurate and clear sound on all levels. The earphones' build quality and design is amazing (one of the best I've seen), it's really world-class! The total package makes it a nice deal

  • Amazing design
  • World-class build quality
  • Accurate and clear sound
  • Especially the high are very accurate
  • Design and sound are really comfortable for long listening sessions
  • Lacking of rich bass
  • Missing clarity of vocals in mid's
  • Delivered in nice designed box, however not suitable as earphone case
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Xiaomi have build an incredible reputation over the last years. They are not only known for their earphones, but succesfully released smartphones, powerbanks, bluetooth speakers and even a television. Xiaomi build it’s great reputation by the premium quality and great design’s of their products. They have proven their name again with the release of the Xiaomi Piston’s 2. The Xiaomi Piston 2’s are one of the greatest designed earphones on the market, which has been proven with the ‘iF Product Design Award 2014’. I will tell you more about them in this Xiaomi Piston 2 review.

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Xiaomi Piston 2
Xiaomi Piston 2


The best way to describe the Piston’s 2 sound, is that they deliver an accurate and clear sound.  The amount of bass of the Piston’s are a bit low, the bass is tight, however the sub-bass is missing. I really like the tight and puncy bass of the Xiaomi’s, it can provide a lot of detail in the sound. However, personally I missed the deepness, and the sub-bass. So, for people who love a lot a bass, you should look further, and check out the Xiaomi Piston’s 3, which deliver a richer and deeper bass than these. These earphones deliver a tight and accurate bass. The mid-tones (and high’s) and really clear and accurate. Song’s sound really clear through these earphones, and the best way to describe is as being accurate. Despite being accurate and clear, I miss the emphazis of vocal’s being pushed back a little in songs. The high’s are really good, for the low’s and mid’s, the high’s are also really accurate. It’s provides exactly the right amount of high’s that enables you to enjoy long lasting listening sessions.

Design & Build Quality

As mentioned, the Xiaomi Piston’s 2 won the ‘iF Product Design Award 2014’, which they really deserved. The Xiaomi Piston’s 2 are the best designed earphones I have seen. All parts of the earphones are made of Beryllium alloy, the earphones, the headjack and the remote/mic. It’s provides a premium looks, and also feels really nice. As you can see in the pictures, the alloy is ribbed, which provides also a kind of premium feeling. Furthermore, the cable is cloth covered, a feature I really love because it’s prevents the cable from becoming tangled. The overall colour of the alloy parts is gold, and the cable is brown. The extremly high build quality, together with it’s design provides the Xiaomi Piston’s 2 looking awesome. You just feel like a boss, walking around with these!


The material of which the Piston’s are manufactured, Beryllium alloy, is light. You can barely feel that you are wearing the earphones. As mentioned about the sound the Piston’s produce, the combination of physical comfort and pleasant sound provides a great combination for long listening sessions, without getting tired by the sound or getting uncomfortable at your ears.

Xiaomi Piston 2 headphone jack
Xiaomi Piston 2 controller


The box of the Xiaomi Piston 2 looks really good. It’s not a box that you will use in the future, because it’s a hell of a job to get your earphones back in it. In the box you find 4 different sizes of eartips, for me the regular eartips, fits the best, so I didn’t had the change them. Besides that an clip is in the box, that you can use to stick the wires of the earphones to your clothing.


All in all, Xiaomi delivered a great pair of earphones. It’s sound is accurate and clear, however they are not the best in class. I recommend the Rock Zircon’s and Tennmak Dulcimer if you are looking for the best sound. However, in this Xiaomi Piston 2 review we concluded that no earphones can beat it’s design and build quality. The whole package of sound, design, build quality and comfort makes the Xiaomi Piston’s 2 a nice pair of headphones, which is suitable for a broad range of music listeners.

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