Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD Review: Remarkable Clarity and Details in the Sound!

9.1 Total Score

The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD offer great clarity and details in their sound, combined with premium build quality. For those who love amazing details, these are absolutely a no-brainer! Xiaomi proved again their high reputation by bringing this amazing pair of earphones on the market!

  • Amazing clarity
  • Great details in vocals and instruments
  • Premium build quality
  • Comfortable
  • Bass could be more present
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As an established Chinese brand, Xiaomi build their name over the years for their high quality products. This time they released the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, a three-unit driver earphone, on the market. They are the successor of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro. I always look forward for their products since they are always able to deliver great quality products in both design/materials and sound for a great price. Well, they did it again, Xiaomi put another great pair of earphones on the market!



The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD is driven by 2 dynamic and 1 balanced armature driver, which are becoming more popular on the market nowadays. Xiaomi also shows with the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD the added value of the triple driver design, since they produce an amazing sound. The mid-tones and high’s are outstanding of the Xiaomi Hybrid HD Pro, they have a bright sound that produce crystal clear vocals. The clarity you hear in the vocals of songs are really amazing, they are clearer than the KZ ZS6 and Urbanfun Hifi’s. The high’s are crispy and detailed, which sounds awesome in combination with detailed mid’s. The bass is deep but a bit in the back, which makes them not really “bassy”, however they are nicely separated from the mid’s and high’s through the multiple drivers. The clarity and details of the mid’s and high’s are totally separating the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD from competitors. Due to that the bass is a bit in the back, you get the emphasis on the detailed and bright sound the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD produces which I love. Absolutely fantastic earphones for those who like fun-sounding earphones, and do not prefer an emphasized bass.

Design & Build Quality

The high standards of the Xiaomi are easily recognizable at the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, as all components are build with premium materials. The earbuds are produced of aluminum material, which provides them a smooth rounded off look. The cables have a matte black look, which looks nice in contrast to to the aluminum looking components of the rest of the earphones. The controller including the microphone also contain an aluminum casing, as the 3,5 mm jack as well. It’s hard to find any weak spots in the design, as all details are finished off in the highest quality.


In terms of comfort these earphones are really comfortable thanks to the curved shape of the earbuds which makes them fit really easy into your ears. I prefer the “normal” design over the backwards design (which the KZ ZS6 contains), since they are easier to pull in and out. I also used these earphones at some long listening sessions, and they really are comfortable in terms of their eartips. The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD are deliver in an amazing box, containing small, medium and large eartips, and as well a clip that can be attached to you shirt when you use them for running.


Xiaomi proved again they were able to put a great pair of earphones on the market, with amazing build quality and sound for a low price. Compared to the former pair of earphones (Xiaomi Hybrid Pro) they were able to improve them significant. With the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD they brought an earphone on the market that distinguish itself with its amazing clarity of sound. The bass is a bit in the back in order to make place for the amazing clear mid and high tones. These are absolutely one of the clearest and detailed earphones I’ve heard. The premium materials used for the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD are making the earphones candy for the eyes. If you like a bright and detailed sound, and not required a “bassy” earphone, these are absolutely one of the best bargains on the market. If you don’t mind a backwards design, and a more presenting bass, I recommend to have a look at the KZ ZS6.


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    Mon December 29, 2017 at 4:59 am

    Hi, sound quality wise, would you recommend these over the kz zs6?

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