UiiSii HM7 Review: Premium Build Quality, Bright Sound Quality, and Super Comfortable!

8.7 Total Score

The UiiSii HM7 offers a bright sound characterized by upper mid's and high's. The bass could be stronger. Premium build quality makes the UiiSii HM7 look a lot more expensive! The light weight and small design makes them very comfortable!

  • Bright and Detailed Sound
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Light and Comfortable
  • Design
  • Lack of Bass
  • High's can be a bit piercing
User Rating: 3.46 (24 votes)

The UiiSii HM7 is a popular model of UiiSii. This pair of earphones is a popular model, which made me curious about them. At the first eye they the build quality look great for the money you pay for it. Will the sound also be? Time to check them out.



The first impression I’ve got when I started listening to the UiiSii HM7, is that these earphones produce a bright sound. There is a strong emphasizes on the higher midrange/lower treble. The bass is accurate but thin. I would prefer to have a stronger bass present. The midrange and accurate and detailed. Vocals in music and clear and with the stronger upper mid’s, they get this clear sounding  of the vocals. The high’s of the UiiSii HM7  are present, and making music sound crispy. They can be a bit harsh on the ears, since they are a bit edgy. In short, the focus of the UiiSii HM7 are on the upper mid’s and high’s, which results into bright music. I accuracy of the bass is and punchy, but unfortunately thin. The sound is missing a bit body.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the UiiSii HM7 are looking really good! The earbuds are small and created of some kind of aluminium material, which provides them a nice premium look. The other components, the headphone jack and the microphone, are created of the same aluminium material, which looks really good. The build quality is overall really high, something you wouldn’t expect for earphones costing about $8. The outside of the cables is created of stiff material, something I dislike, because this may cause the cables to pull out the earphones.


As mentioned, the earbuds are small, which makes them also really small. In combination with the comfortable eartips, the UiiSii HM7 are very comfortable! You can barely feel them into your ears. The sound can be a sharp on the ears if you are sensitive for high frequencies.


The sound quality and build quality the UiiSii HM7 delivers for this price, makes them absolutely a great deal. Most of the earphones in the price range are a trade-off in sound, design or build quality. The UiiSii HM7 is able to deliver a detailed bright sound, unfortunately the bass is a bit lacking, which provides the sound less body. The build quality is premium and of high standards, as well as the design looks good. If you are looking for bright sound, premium quality and comfort for a low price, I absolutely recommend these! If you are more a bass-head, I recommend to check out earphones as the Rock Zircon or KZ Ate.


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