Tennmak Pro Review: The Best Dual Driver Earphones for $25

8.9 Total Score

The Tennmak Pro offer a great balanced sound. They produce a very accurate sound on all frequencies. Characterzied by a punchy bass, really clear mid's and good high's. Probably the best dual driver earphones within it's price range at this moment!

  • Extremely well detailed and balanced sound
  • Punchy bass
  • High build quality
  • Comfortable earbuds
  • Balanced sound, so not ment for bass-heads
  • Semi L-shaped headphone jack (45 degrees)
User Rating: 4.17 (12 votes)

The Tennmak Pro are dynamic drivers earphones, that are offering a great surrounding sound, which you don’t find much within this budget. The sound is characterized by a lot of detail, balance and accuracy. Futhermore, their design offer great comfort, that prevents the earphones from falling off. Let’s take a look at the Tennmak Pro Review.


Tennmak Pro
Tennmak Pro


The sound of the Tennmak Pro is of great quality, which can  be described as a very balanced and detailed sound. Whereas a lot of other earphones always have a emphasis on a certain frequency range, the Tennmak Pro delivering a really balanced out sound. First of all, the bass offers great depth and is punchy. However, it’s present on the right level. Bass-heads may prefer other earphones, since these earphones are really detailed and focused on a balanced sound. The mid’s are also great, with a detailed sound they are able to produce clear vocals without being pushed into the back. The mid’s are more likely to be over-presenting then under-presenting. Finally the high’s are smooth and crispy, and really on the right level. Other earphones sometimes have high’s that are not pleasant to listen too. Something what characterized these earphones, is that all sounds (lows, high’s and mids) are really balanced and pleasant to listen too. No overpresenting bass that pushes away other sounds, detailed mid’s and the right high’s. All in all, for this price one of the most accurate earphones I have listened too!

Tennmak Pro
Tennmak Pro

Design & Build Quality

The Tennmak Pro are fitting really nice. Due to its design, they are fitting really secure, which make them nice for working-out. The construction of the Tennmak Pro also looks and feel really solid. The earbuds are made of translucid plastic. Also the Tennmak Pro’s have a detachable cable, that is feeling thick and solid which provides it’s a really premium look and feel. The headphone jack is semi-L shaped (it’s in a 45 degrees way), which is for me a bit down side, because I prefer the L-shaped plugs. Putting the cable back tot he earbuds can be a bit of a struggle, I advice to do this carefully since it can be a bit hard.

Tennmak Pro
Tennmak Pro


The shape of the Tennmak Pro’s make them really comfortable. They stick greatly in your ears, without falling out due to the end of the earbud cable. These cables are pre-shaped on the ends, which causes that they really stay on their place. The earbuds can be easily inserted into your ears, and stay comfortable over time, which makes it great for long listening sessions.

Tennmak Pro
Tennmak Pro


Overall the Tennmak Pro’s deliver great value for money! On the market these are the best dual drivers you can find for the money. The balanced sound the Tennmak Pro’s deliver, is something really great within this price range. For me they beat the KZ ATE easily, and compared to the KZ ZS3 it depends on the sound you prefer. If you prefer a well balanced sound, you should stop searching and buy the Tennmak Pro’s. If you more the bass-head kind of type the KZ ZS3 will maybe suite you better. Personally, I prefer these over the KZ ZS3. All in all, if you are looking for a dual driver earphone, you should really try these ones out. Hopefully you enjoyed reading the Tennmak Pro review!


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    Anonymous September 21, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    The Aliexpress leads to the page for Senfer DT2?

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      Simon Jansen October 21, 2018 at 9:46 am

      I’ve updated the links. Thanks for mentioning!

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