Tennmak Dulcimer Review: Sound Characterized by Body Within The Limits!

8.6 Total Score

The sound of the Tennmak Dulcimer contains body and all frequencies are well represented. The design is simplistic. The Tennmak Dulcimer are comfortable and suited well for long listening sessions. The sound doesn't have sharp edges, which makes them really pleasant listening!

  • Sound got body
  • No sharp edges on the frequencies
  • All frequencies well represented
  • Comfortable
  • Bass could be punchier
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The Tennmak Dulcimer is the model that made Tennmak a popular brand. Nowadays, we see other popular models produced by Tennmak, like the Tennmak Pro. The Tennmak Dulcimer were for a long time my daily drivers, which still are a great pair of earphones. Currently, they got a lot competition on the market, let’s see how the Tennmak Dulcimer competes against them.




The first impression of the sound produced by the Tennmak Duclimer is that they produce a nice balanced and full sound. All the frequencies are well represented. There is a strong bass producing a deep bass. However, the bass could be a more punchier and detailed. In music that contains strong basses, the bass of Tennmak Duclimer tend to become a bit ill defined. However, strong presence of the bass provides the sound body, something that’s really nice about the Tennmak Duclimer. The mid’s are forward and clear. Vocals in songs are well represented. The high’s are well detailed, and are providing good dynamics to the sound. These high’s are good in terms of quality, but not sharp. If you dislike sharp high’s, these would suit you well. Overall, the sound contains body and  all frequencies are well represented.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the Tennmak Duclimer are simplistic. The pair I’ve got are in full black. I like the simplicity of the design, they do tend not to seek for a lot of attention. The cables are thin and flat, which prevents the cables from tangling, I really wish more earphones brands would use this kind of cables. These kind of cables are absolutely my favourite kind of design. The build quality is average, it’s not premium quality but also not low quality.


The Tennmak Duclimer are really comfortable. As mentioned before, these were my daily drivers. I used this pair of earphones for listening sessions up to 4 hours. The standards ear tips are comfortable. Due to the flat and thin cables, the earphones are also really comfortable while you working out or go out for a walk. The cables tend not to tangle, which makes them great listening music while being active.


The Tennmak Dulcimer are a good pair of earphones. They sound they deliver is full and all frequencies are well represented. The bass is strong, but can be a bit ill defined. There are not sharp edges on the sound, which is a really pro for the Tennmak Dulcimer, since a lot of earphones tend to sound “too sharp”. Sound that is too sharp can be uncomfortable over time while listening to earphones. The build quality is good and the Tennmak Dulcimer are comfortable. All in all, the Tennmak Dulcimer are a good pair of earphones. If you prefer the sound that got body and isn’t “too sharp” the Tennmak Dulcimer absolutely worth trying! If you prefer frequencies that are more pushed to the edges, I’ll recommend to check out the Rock Zircon’s.


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