Remax RM-610D Review: Premium Design for a Budget Price!

8.4 Total Score

The Remax RM-610D offers some real premium build quality, by the great materials used and all components well finished off. The sound is dynamic and forward, but missing details. In terms of comfort, these are really easy to wear.

  • Premium build quality
  • Dynamic sound
  • Sleek design
  • Thin flat cables
  • Missing details at all frequencies
  • Bass not tight and punchy
User Rating: 3.33 (3 votes)

Remax is a brand that not only produces earphones, but also several other electronics products and accessories. The Remax RM-610D are awesome looking earphones with an outstanding premium design! Time to get my hands on a pair of these earphones, and have a closer look at them.



Overall the different frequencies of the Remax RM-610D are well represented in a equal way. The sound is dynamic, whereas there is a nice separation of the low’s, mid’s and high’s. It’s like they pushed all the frequencies ranges of the Remax RM-610D to their limits in order to make the sound forward, but sometimes missing the details. The bass is presented but not really detailed, there is a nice  sub-bass but overall the bass is not as tight and punchy as I prefer. The mid’s are pretty clear, but a bit pushed in the back. I’m missing here the clarity of vocals. Finally the high’s are alright, but also not detailed. As mentioned before, all the frequency ranges of the Remax RM-610D are presented in a forward way, which makes the sound feels “full” and “forward”, but I’m missing the fine-tuning in the details.

Design & Build Quality

The Remax RM-610D do have a real premium look! I really like the design of the Remax RM-610D, as they are looking sleek. The grey and black colours used on the components provide a real premium look. I love the flat and thin design of the cable, which prevents the cables from winding. Most flat cables designs are often to thick, which makes them heavier and uncomfortable to wear. Overall the details of all components are really well finished off, which provides the earphones a $50+ look.


The Remax RM-610D also well designed in terms of comfort. The curved eartips are fitting easily in your ears, and low weights of the Remax RM-610D makes them you can barely feel them wearing. If you are someone that uses earphones for working out, these are awesome. The light weight, comfortable eartips and flat cable makes them keep secure in your ears without falling out. The sound is easy going, and also fit for longer listening sessions.


Within this price range, the Remax RM-610D is the most premium design you can get. It’s distinguish itself with it’s premium design and materials from competitors like the Einsear T2 and KZ ED9. In terms of sound, the Remax RM-610D offers a nice dynamic sound, which is pleasant listening. Unfortunately, the details of the frequencies are sometimes a bit lost. In terms of comfort these are awesome. If you are looking for premium design and comfort, these are the best you get at this price. If you value sound quality more, check out the Einsear T2 and KZ ED9 within this budget.


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    NoName March 9, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    Can you please suggest me, which one will be better? Remax 610d or rock zircon?

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    Hifimaniac December 31, 2018 at 9:35 am

    Well, just bought 3 Remax 610D earphones. Break in time period was around 72 hours with Isotek’s system enhancer CD and music (flac) files. Cons: sub bass could have some extra depht, fragile construction. Pros: clean, balanced sound with good pace and timing and quality bass, clean mids and highs that will never be harsh. Good stereo separation to.
    Try to use these headphones with well recorded music and a decent quality audio player/phone etc. (Tipp: try to use Dolby Atmos.)

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