LZ Z03A Review: Bright and Detailed Sound but Many Flaws!

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The LZ Z03A produces a bright sound, which provides a lot of detail in the sound. The lack of bass en harsh high's are really a downside of the earphones, together with the low build quality.

  • Bright sound
  • Detailed sound
  • Lack of bass
  • Harsh high's
  • Low build quality
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The LZ Z03A were quite hyped by some addicts some time ago, I was really curious about them so I had to get my hands on them. After receiving the LZ Z03A I immediately noticed these came from a real Chinese manufacturer, on the package with a cheap font in purple letter LZ Z03A on the package. Alright, I shouldn’t be judging the earphones on the package, time to check them into some more detail.



The first impression when listening to the LZ Z03A is that they produce a bright sound. There is a strong emphasis on the upper-mid’s and high’s, which provide a clear sound.  After some time listening to the LZ Z03A I felt pretty quickly that the that high’s are pretty harsh on the ears, even after some good burn-in period. As mentioned the sound is bright, the upper mid’s are clear and makes in combination with high’s instruments sparkle. The sound gets really detailed by this combination. A downside of the LZ Z03A is that the bass is barely presented. It’s not that the quality of the bass is bad, it’s just almost not represented in the sound spectrum. Overall the sound is bright and very detailed, which makes instruments in the upper range of the frequencies sound amazing. Unfortunately, the high’s can be harsh on the ears and the is the LZ Z03A lacking bass.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the LZ Z03A is not really spoken out. The gold metallic look painted earbuds are looking in a bit cheap in my eyes. The materials used seems of good quality of the earbuds. Unfortunately, the quality of microphone is a bit lower since the gold looking casing fell apart from the microphone after a few days using. The outside of the cables are of stiff plastic material, which I don’t like a lot. I like to use my earphones while working out, and stiff cables are more likely to pull out my earbuds. The build quality is really below average for me.


The LZ Z03A are comfortable to wear, since they don’t weight a lot and the eartips are fitting well. The high tones are harsh on the ears, which makes them uncomfortable listening for longer sessions.


The LZ Z03A produces a bright sound, characterized by detailed tones in the upper spectrum of the frequencies. The downsides of the LZ Z03A is the absence of the bass and the harsh high’s. The harsh high’s makes them uncomfortable for me waring after some time. The build quality is low, since the casing of my my microphone got broken after a few days. In the market are a lot better alternatives with better build quality as well as sound quality. If you are looking for a bright sound, I recommend to check out the Urbanfun Hifi’s, Einsear T2 or the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD.


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    Ken Kerr August 10, 2018 at 1:31 am

    I totally disagree with this review. The reviewer needs his hearing checked. These earphones have great highs, great bass, great mids which together are very well balanced. You will not find any better earphones for the money. I would love to know what earphones this review does rate the highest, because if they are better than these I will buy them!

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