KZ ZS6 Review: These Quad Drivers Blow You Away!

9.6 Total Score
Blown away!

The KZ ZS6 is leaving competition behind by setting a new standard in the market! Amazing listening experience by excellent frequencies producing detailed sound and an amazing sound stage. Premium build quality and comfort, makes them outstanding!

  • Excellent detailed sound/frequencies
  • Amazing soundstage
  • Premium build quality
  • Comfortable
  • Backwards design (personal preferences)
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This week I finally received the KZ ZS6 Quad Drivers to which I was really looking forward to. I noticed a lot of people were praising this pair of earphones, so I had to get them! At the moment I put these earphones in and start listening I immediately got blown away by its sound! Dam, these sound awesome. Its the combination of the performance on all frequencies together with the wide soundstage makes these earphones outstanding!



The KZ ZS6 are driven by 2 Dynamic and 2 Balanced Armatures on each side. Its like they put mini loudspeaker into this earphone, for all frequencies an independent driver. The Dynamic Armatures are designed to produce the low and middle range frequencies, whereas the 2 Balanced Armatures are producing the high’s. The lower frequencies produced by the KZ ZS 6 offers great depth and is punchy, without leaking and bleeding into the other frequencies. It makes them extreme accurate! The middle tones are very crispy and clear, which makes vocals sound awesome. You can really hear the benefits of the independent drivers is the different frequencies, each frequency sound really detailed, without the cost of other frequencies. Finally the high’s are just so crispy, without being harsh on your ears. Based on the performance of the frequencies it beats out earphones like Urbanfun Hifi, Xiaomi Hybrid HD and Einsear T2 (which were my favorite 3). Now, another part that separates KZ ZS6 from the competition is the amazing soundstage it provides! The sound is so open and wide, that it provides you the same feeling as listening to my floor standing loudspeakers! The different sounds of instruments are really placed into the air, which provides this open and wide feeling. This combination of the excellent frequencies and soundstage, makes this pair of earphones outstanding!

Design & Build Quality

The KZ ZS6 offer real premium design by the high quality materials used on manufacturing these. The earbuds built by Aluminum Alloy materials, which makes them feel really solid. Stainless screws are applied to keep the earbuds together. The cable of the KZ ZS6 is detachable, which makes it easy to place the cable when it get broken. Besides that its replaceable, you can also buy a bluetooth module that you can attach the the KZ ZS6. The headphone jacket is L-shaped, which is a win for me. Overall, premium build quality.


The KZ ZS6 have an backward design. I used not to be really a fan of these kind of designs, due to my experience with the KZ Ate, that were really uncomfortable for me. However, I got really surprised that these were so comfortable for me! The good about this design is that they really fit secure and makes them sit on the place, when being active like working out or go out for a walk or run. The downside for me is that it takes some more effort to get them in and out. When I’m working I prefer having earphones that I can easily pull out, when I want to start a conversation with someone. The eartips included to the earphone are in small/medium/large, for which I am using large ones which are very comfortable (a lot of times I replace the eartips of the earphones, but not necessary for the KZ ZS6). When listening longer listening sessions to these they keep being comfortable, however sometimes I need to press a bit on the side’s of the earphones to get them back in the place where I wanted.


As the title of this review already mentions, I really got blown away by these earphones! KZ did an awesome job and set a new standard of high quality earphones in the market. These are really a step up of the current offerings around this budget on the market. It beats earphones like the Urbanfun Hifi, Xiaomi Hybrid HD and Einsear T2 if look at the whole package. It really feels these are playing on a whole different level! The excellent sound quality produced on all frequencies combined with it’s soundstage creates an amazing listening experience. The premium build quality makes them look and feel awesome. Finally, with being comfortable I have not been able to find any cons on these earphones! The backward’s design may be a con if you prefer earphones that you can easily pull in and out. These are definitely one of my new favorite earphones!


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    Ravi February 23, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    KZ ZS6 shines when used with proper tips.In my case I use Comply T-200 which are super good by taking the edge out of the highs and increasing the midrange body. Even comparing with CA Andromedas, with an iPhone 7, I was getting a pleasantly tuned signature with oozing details in the highs and cannot justify $1050 difference in the price. Agreed the highs are not as refined as Andromedas but for general listening with my phone it’s a perfectly capable and well-tuned sound monsters. Soundstage combined with tight bass, very good forward midrange and detailed highs of the ZS6’s makes them the gem for the asking price. I would expect them to be around $200.

    • Reply
      Simon Jansen February 25, 2018 at 8:57 am

      Ravi, thanks for sharing your advice with using the Comply T-200 tips. I will definitely check this out!
      Do you use these tips for most of your earphones or only to specific ones in order to “tweak” the sound? Can you share some of the main benefits of these tips? Really curious about those tips!

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    Haisony January 22, 2018 at 5:06 pm


    I’m listening to HipHop/Rap/R&B only. I can’t decide between the ZS3 and the ZS6.
    Bass and lows but also highs are very important I guess.
    Which one should I take ?

    • Reply
      Chifi Ninja January 23, 2018 at 5:19 am

      Well, I don’t have the ZS3, but considering that the ZS6 is KZ’s current flagship model I’d say go for the ZS6.

      I just got my pair of ZS6s this week and they truly put out a high quality and refined sound. They cover all the grounds, nice punchy bass but not overdone, very full and vivid mids, and a very crisp albeit sibilant treble.

      Personally, they still don’t replace my KZ ED9 as my daily driver. But I think I’d hate the ZS3 even more than the ZS6.

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    Skysurfer November 30, 2017 at 11:04 pm

    How better are the ZS6 against the ZS5. I have the latter. I ike it but I guess it lacks a little more bass for my liking. How about the soundstage?

    • Reply
      Simon Jansen December 2, 2017 at 2:46 pm

      Skysurfer, Unfortunately I currently do not own the KZ ZS5 so I can’t compare them. I’ve heard from several people they found the KZ ZS6 slightly better. For the the soundstage and bass of the KZ ZS6 is really good!

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    shreyans November 21, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    well, internet is filled with positive reviews , which make me doubtful about them , as they suffer from a hsss sharp high tone and also need a lot “burn-in” as some say.
    redditors and youtubers have a mixed response reddit is filled with hate and YT is mostly against the stock out of the box zs6s
    everyone is asking to make sure of having the foam tips and silver upgrade cables for much better bass and lesser highs respectively.
    i feel not very confident and there’s a tempest in my mind , i find it real hard to choose these over ROCK zircon.(ordering them asap for 10)

    • Reply
      Chifi Ninja January 23, 2018 at 5:27 am

      And your doubt is true. I currently own the ZS6, and while they are good in their own merit, I really have a hard time adjusting to those sharp piercing highs in the 10kz area. Not only are the highs piercing, but they also sound really unnatural.

      Even if you’re just a tad bit treble-sensitive, these will definitely sound unpleasant.

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      Samuel Berre December 5, 2017 at 3:26 pm

      I personally prefer the ZS3 over Rock Zircon… Zircon might have better highs, but mids and soundstage are better on ZS3, and the bass sounds a bit artificial on the Rock Zircons at times if you ask me. My biggest issue with Rock Zircon was that I broke the cable in less than 2 months though. In the end, they’re both good products, but there’s a ton to choose between. I think the ZS6 should be technically ahead of both of them in all frequencies though, but that doesn’t matter if they make uncomfortable sound… I’m thinking of buying ZS6 if my ZS3 cables break.

      People will likely disagree strongly with me on this, but I don’t believe in burn-in, even though KZ writes about it in their manual lol, neither do I believe in big differences with changing cables. Maybe a small difference, but the cable would have to be awful for it to be noticeable.

      • Reply
        Chifi Ninja January 23, 2018 at 5:31 am

        I’d also recommend checking out the Swing IE800. They look and sound exactly like the Zircons but outperform them in every way (less exaggerated bass, more clearer detailed mids, more crisp highs, better soundstage & imaging).

    • Reply
      Simon Jansen November 21, 2017 at 7:07 pm

      For me the KZ ZS6 sound really good. The high’s don’t produce a lot of hsss for me, but I think this is really personal.
      I recommend to also check out other earphones besides the Rock Zircon’s, check out my other reviews (e.g. Urbanfun Hifi).
      Is there is a specific sound signature you prefer?

  5. Reply
    Earphone King November 18, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    What do you guys think about the KZ ZS6?

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