KZ ED9 Review: Awesome Dynamic Sound for a Budget Price!

8.8 Total Score

Overall the KZ ED9 produces a dynamic sound with body, in which all frequencies are well presented. Also the KZ ED9 are comfortable to wear. Most awesome feature are the 2 nozzles provided for a balanced or bassy sound signature!

  • Dynamic sound with body
  • Two awesome nozzles
  • Comfortable
  • High's could be more defined
  • Stiff cable
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The KZ ED9 are one of the most popular earphones brought on the market by KZ. KZ is known for their wide range of earphones they put on the market like the KZ ED2, KZ ZS3, and KZ ZS6. What I love about KZ is that they different models are characterized by the own sound signatures, which makes them great to own multiple pairs. The KZ ED9 of KZ is another great pair of earphones they put on the market. The most awesome feature of this piece of that they supply the KZ ED9 with two pairs of nozzles, which changes the sound signature of the earphone!



The KZ ED9 are have a different sound stage compared to the KZ ATE and the KZ ZS3. This model is less of a bassy earphone, which provides some more stage for the mid’s and high’s. In general the different frequencies are well balanced, through the good representation of low, mid and high the sound get body and sounds rich. Also the sound can be described as a forward sound with great dynamics in the frequencies. The high’s are clean and rounded off, but could be more defined, they not as crispy and edgy as the KZ ZS6 and Urbanfun Hifi. The mid’s are forward and provide clear sound, which provides vocals to be represented well.Finally, the bass is tight and punchy, in balance with the other frequencies without being over-represented. A really cool part of the KZ ED9 is that they provide 2 different nozzles (see pictures), which is a really cool experience tweaking your earphones. The longer nozzle which is also a bit longer, provides a more balanced sound, whereas the thicker nozzle provides more bass in the sound. I prefer the thicker nozzle, which provides more bass and body in the sound. For the tweakers under us, these are easily to tweak by yourself by putting in foam for example.

Design & Build Quality

The design of the KZ ED9 are looking shiny, through there silver color on the outside of the earbuds. On the back of the earbuds are two small ventilation gaps, which looks awesome to me. The earbuds is created of plastic, but looks through the design pretty premium. The cable is stiff on the outside, something I personally dislike. When using the earphones for working out, they easier get pulled out of your ears. The headphones jack is L-shaped, which is a pro since they usually last longer. The two different nozzles for the sound stage provides the earphone a real premium feeling, which I think is a really cool feature of this pair of earphones.


The KZ ED9 are very comfortable with the standard eartips they provide. The standard medium eartips is fitting well, and are comfortable to wear for multiple hours. Through the small design of the earbuds, you only feel the eartips sitting in your ears. The sound is also pleasant for longer listening sessions, since there are no sharp edges and the bass isn’t overemphasized.


For this price KZ put a great pair of earphones on the market. With the ability to tweak the earphones by using the different nozzles, you can get a more balanced or bassy sound, which is really awesome! The sound is full and all frequencies are well represented. Also the earbuds look good and very comfortable to wear. Within this price range absolutely one of the best buys. If you prefer a similar sound signature but got some more money to spend, I recommend to also check out the Urbanfun Hifi.


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