Einsear T2 Review: Bright Sound and Super-Comfortable under $10!

9 Total Score

Great pair of bright sounding earphones for an extremely competitive price! The forward mid's and crispy high's are producing amazing an amazing clear sound! Due to their light weight and comfort, you can barely feel you are wearing earphones. For this low price, definitely a bargain!

  • Forward mid's
  • Crispy high's
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Lack of sub-bass
  • Standard design
User Rating: 4 (6 votes)

The Einsear brand is Chinese brand that is not as familiar as KZ or Xiaomi, however various people have been ethousiastic about the Einsear T2. Time to get my hands on these ones, to check them into some more detail.



The Einsear T2 can be the best described as bright sounding earphones. The sound they produce really reminds me of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, which is also characterized by an emphasis on the mid’s and high’s, which provides the sound a bit less body. The high tones are really crispy and makes music sound really sparkeling, which makes them really easy listening too. The mid’s are forward and clear, which makes them in combination with the crispy high’s as bright sounding earphones. The bass is tight is sounds of good quality whereas the sub-bass is a bit lacking. As mentioned overall these are bright sounding earphones, and for this price absolutely a good deal!

Design & Build Quality

The Einsear T2 do not have a bold design, however I think they look pretty stylish with the logo on the side. As I’ve got the grey design, all the components are in grey. The earbuds are created of plastic material and colored in the grey and black, with the silver looking logo on the side. The outside of the cable of braided, which not only looks good, but also prevents your cable from winding.


The Einsear T2 are extremely comfortable to wear due to their light weight of the earbuds. As well the cable is very light, which makes you barely feel wearing the earphones. The stock eartips are comfortable, and I prefer to leave these original on the earphones. The sound is also pleasent for longer listening sessions.


That Einsear is currently not an established brand in the market, does not say much about the earphones they produce. The Einsear T2 are really a great pair of bright sounding price for a bargain price! The sound is characterized by a forward mid tones and crispy high’s, which provides extreme clarity in your music. The bass is a tight, however could have a bit more sub-bass, which means this earphone is not meant for bass-heads. The earphones are extremely light and super comfortable to wear! If you prefer a bright sound signature, for this price these are the best you can get. If you got a little more money to spend, I would also consider the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD, these are really close in sounds however the premium designs of the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD beats the Einsear T2.


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