Best Earphones under 10 dollar

So you are looking for some budget earphones? Wondering which earphones are the best for you to buy? We are reviewing the top 10 budget earphones under 10 dollar. Currently there are some great offers on the market that provide earphones with great sound quality for under 10 dollar.

1. QKZ DM7

The QKZ DM7 is an amazing pair of earphones. Characterized by excellent balanced sound quality, premium build quality and comfort for an unbeatable price!

2. KZ Ate

Amazing pair of earphones that produces an amazing bass. The KZ ATE produces the best bass you can get within the $10 price range. Comfortable and secure fit also makes them fit good in your ears.

3. Rock Zircon

The Rock Zircon's are an amazing pair of earphones for a great price! They simply have it all, the sound, build quality, design and comfort for an unbeatable price.

4. Einsear T2

Great pair of bright sounding earphones for an extremely competitive price! The forward mid's and crispy high's are producing amazing an amazing clear sound! Due to their light weight and comfort, you can barely feel you are wearing earphones. For this low price, definitely a bargain!


The KST are a great deal on the market. The are able the produce an amazing bass. Through there secure fit they fit well.

6. KZ ZS3

An amazing pair of earphones that offer great value for money. Characterized by good sound quality and great comfort. The best pair of headphones for everyone with an active lifestyle.

7. UiiSii HM7

The UiiSii HM7 offers a bright sound characterized by upper mid's and high's. The bass could be stronger. Premium build quality makes the UiiSii HM7 look a lot more expensive! The light weight and small design makes them very comfortable!

8. Remax RM-610D

The Remax RM-610D offers some real premium build quality, by the great materials used and all components well finished off. The sound is dynamic and forward, but missing details. In terms of comfort, these are really easy to wear.

9. KZ ED9

Overall the KZ ED9 produces a dynamic sound with body, in which all frequencies are well presented. Also the KZ ED9 are comfortable to wear. Most awesome feature are the 2 nozzles provided for a balanced or bassy sound signature!

10. KZ ED2

The KZ ED2 are some good pair of earphones for a very low price. It performs very well on levels of sound, design and build quality. It delivers amazing value for it's money!

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