Best Earphones under 50 dollar

So you are looking for some great earphones? Wondering which earphones are the best for you to buy? We are reviewing the top 10 budget earphones under 50 dollar. Currently there are some great offers on the market that provide earphones with amazing sound quality for under 50 dollar.

1. Urbanfun Hifi

The Urbanfun Hifi claimed the throne. They are delivering an amazing sound, that beats its competitors on all levels. The sound they provide are amazing, characterized by accuracy, being uncolored and detailed. No over-delivered basses, but punchy and detailed. The range from mid's to their high's sounds amazing, as they are able to deliver the highest quality on the whole spectrum.

2. KZ ZS6

The KZ ZS6 is leaving competition behind by setting a new standard in the market! Amazing listening experience by excellent frequencies producing detailed sound and an amazing sound stage. Premium build quality and comfort, makes them outstanding!

3. KZ ZS5

The KZ ZS5 are the first earphones released by KZ with 4 drivers in each earphone! They KZ ZS5 offer great sound quality for an unbeatable price.

4. KZ ZS10

The KZ ZS10 are the successors of the KZ ZS6. Instead of 4 drivers in each unit, they placed 5 drivers in each unit! Despite the extra driver, they offer great sound quality but can't beat the KZ ZS6.

5. Tennmak Pro

The Tennmak Pro offer a great balanced sound. They produce a very accurate sound on all frequencies. Characterzied by a punchy bass, really clear mid's and good high's. Probably the best dual driver earphones within it's price range at this moment!

6. Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD

The Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD offer great clarity and details in their sound, combined with premium build quality. For those who love amazing details, these are absolutely a no-brainer! Xiaomi proved again their high reputation by bringing this amazing pair of earphones on the market!

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