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Alright.. alright.. I admit. I’m addicted. Some people are addicted to drugs or alcohol, some to smoking, I’m addicted to buying an awesome new pair of earphones. My addiction started around 2009, when the Chinese webshops started popping up. I loved buying new earphones from these webshops. The adventure of searching hours for hidden gems within these webshops kept me going. Every item you bought, was a big gamble, the quality could horrible. But once in a while you caught a hidden gem, an awesome item, that beat western manufactured items by far. This excitement I got from this journey searching for hidden gems never left my soul, nowadays I’m still exploring these webshops, hunting for these gems.

Next to the excitement I get from buying a hidden gem, I am just not satisfied with the current reviews about earphones from Chinese webshops you can find on the internet! I kept running into the following issues:

  • Reviews on the Chinese webshops are biased. A lot a reviews do not represent a good reflection of the product. As I experienced by myself a few times, I bought a pair of earphones and in case I didn’t like the product I provided a negative review of the product. Afterwards I got contacted by the seller, to change to my review to a 5 star review, in exchange for a full refund. This causes a lot of bias in the reviews on the webshops.
  • Reviews by audiophiles. I am not an audiophile, I don’t want to listen jazz or listening to some single instruments. I want to get a mind blowing experience listening my favorite music, from hiphop, house to rock music. This requires a whole different perspective for reviewing a product. Furthermore, I want to know how earphones are when I’m working out, or if they look just awesome. Some consideration that are not taking into account of reviews of audiophiles.
  • Reviews are not comparable. Since there are currently no authority websites for reviewing earphones from China, consumers have to compare reviews from different reviewers. However, in the case someone else reviewed a competing product, you can’t compare the reviews since it’s really subjective.

Because of the latter arguments I started this website. Since I’m addicted to buying earphones, and dedicated to finding the hidden gems, I love to share my findings with you. Hopefully this will make it easier for you finding your next pair of earphones!

I would love to hear your opinion about my website, or in case you have any question, contact me at info@earphoneking.com!

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