1More Triple Driver LTNG Review: Playing on another level.

9.8 Total Score

The 1More Triple Driver LTNG are an outstanding pair of earphones. These earphones are playing on another level compared to competitors. Outstanding sound quality, build quality and comfort. Best in-ears I got my hands on.

  • Details in music you didn't hear before
  • Amazing punchy and deep bass
  • Crispy high's
  • Comfort
  • Great design
  • Lightning connection only compatible with apple products
User Rating: 2.33 (9 votes)

A few weeks back I was able to buy the 1More Triple Drivers LTNG at a one-day sale site (for $60). I always had my eyes on this pair of earphones, however they I didn’t want to spend the original price on them ($150). I always had my eyes on the 1More brand, since they are the manufacturer of the Xiaomi earphones which I always liked a lot. The bought the the 1More Triple Drivers LTNG version, which means they have a lightning connection that only fits to Apple products with a lightning connection. The first time I started listening to the 1More Triple Drivers LTNG, I was a bit disappointed because my expectations were high of this $150 costing pair of earphones. However, after good burn-in the sound quality of these earphones became alive and outstanding! As you may expect from this price, they leave the china competition as KZ ZS6 and Urbanfun hifi behind.



The most important of the characteristic of a pair of earphones, they sound quality. The 1More Triple Drivers LTNG are the apple versions that are driven by a build-in digital amplifier in the remote control. The sound of the 1More Triple Drivers LTNG became amazing after a long burn-in period (probably about 100 hours). They perform on all levels outstanding. The sound is characterized a great amount of details while remaining a punchy and deep bass and crystal clear high’s. The 1More Triple Drivers LTNG are able to satisfy different type of listeners. Originally these earphones provide a balanced sound, but I tweaked the sound with the equalizer to a more v-shaped sound. The capability of these earphones feel huge, since you are really able to tweak the earphones without losing details in sound. The low’s of the 1More Triple Driver LTNG are deep and punchy, and you get a really nice sub-bass. In comparison with other earphones, most earphones lose details in the other frequencies that produce a heavy bass, however the mid and high frequencies of the 1More Triple Drivers LTNG stays perfect in shape. The high’s are really clear, and makes vocals sound crystal clear. The mid’s or forward and contain a lot of detail. Finally, these earphones provide an amazing sound stage, which makes me prefer these earphones over a lot of over-ear earphones when listening to music at home!

Design & Build Quality

The 1More Triple Driver LTNG are available in black/silver and black/gold. I’ve got the black/gold versions which are looking really sharp! The golden details are standing out, which provides them a high-end look and feel. As known of the earphones of Xiaomi produced by 1More, 1More is known for their amazing build quality. The same counts for the 1More Triple Driver LTNG. The earbuds are made of sold metal. The remote control feels solid, and contain a small joystick that makes it really easy to remote volume and tracks without the need to look what button you press. All in all, top notch build quality as expected by 1More.


The comfort of the 1More Triple Driver LTNG are great. Comfort is for me always an important aspect. I’m using earphones in different situations, as at home, on the bicycle (yes, I’m dutch.), or when working out. This means that earphones needs to be easily fit it, be comfortable for longer listening sessions, and do not fall out easily. The 1More Triple Drivers LTNG pass all my tests. They are sitting comfortable and secure. I use them for longer listening sessions of multiple hours, without getting uncomfortable.


The 1More Triple Driver LTNG are really an outstanding pair of earphones. I was used to use different type of earphones for types of music or getting tired of a specific sound signature. However, since I’ve got the 1More Triple Driver LTNG I am only using these earphones. The sound quality of outstanding, providing details and an amazing bass and high’s. They look sharp and provide a high class look. The capability of the earphones in terms of frequencies are able to satisfy balanced listeners as well v-shaped listening by easily tweaking the sound. Chinese earphones as the KZ ZS6 and Urbanfun Hifi’s are literally getting blown away by the 1More Triple Driver LTNG. Highly recommended to get your hands on these!


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